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  • Seahorse Fender – The World’s First and Only Smart Fender

  • Seahorse Fenders come in two sizes to meet your individual needs! Both sizes stand up right and hold their own line for easy storage! 26" X 9" and 22" X 7.5"

  • Our straps are made from 1 1/2" heavy weight woven polypropylene, made for industrial and outdoor use! Repels water, is mildew resistant and low stretch. The webbing has a tensile strength of 800 pounds per inch!

    Added protection is incorporated with the Seahorse Fender’s unique interlocking system! Both parts are inflated!

    The unique interlocking system gives you the capability of lengthening your Seahorse Fender for adjustment on a piling or for normal fender use!

    With a Seahorse Fender strapped to a piling you will always have the confidence knowing your fender will be where you put it and need it! Strap Extensions are available for semi-permanent mounting!

    Unstrap your Fender and take it with you for your next stop, or leave it on for the season!

    Not only do they work as a regular fender, they also take up no more room!

    No more hassle storing fender boards anymore with a Seahorse Fender!

    The Smart Fender!

    Safe & Easy Docking
    Superior Boat Protection
    Multiple Configurations
    Super Durable Construction
    Stores Its Own Line

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