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    Seahorse Fender in Action!

    Even on a floating dock Seahorse Fenders will give you that added protection against a choppy day or boat traffic! Simply lock two Seahorse Fenders together and you are covered from your cleat to the water line! No more fender on the dock or in your boat! Seahorse Fenders will match up to your tender like no other!

    Rafting up with friends has never been safer or easier! Your Seahorse Fender can go from the water line to your cleat. Works great with all boats, even pontoons!!

    Seahorse Fenders are the ultimate lake fender! Great protection and style! Leave them on for the season or take them for the ride!

    Seahorse Fenders are there for the big tides too! Lock them together for the coverage you need!

    We have all come back to something like this! Never again with the one and only smart fender!



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